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Gucci Mane battery victim sues him | News

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Gucci Mane battery victim sues him

DECATUR, Ga -- Part of the rap sheet of rap star Gucci Mane includes a fight at a traffic stop, driving on the wrong side of the road, hitting a promoter in the head with a pool cue, and pushing a woman out of a moving car. Now a high profile attorney wants him to pay for his latest offense.

Attorney B.J. Bernstein, who represents a 36 year old woman, has filed a civil suit against the rapper whose real name is
Radric Davis. Davis was in DeKalb County State Court Friday trying to get his six month sentence for battery against the woman reduced to three months. Judge Eleanor Ross denied his request.

After the hearing Bernstein said she wanted to hurt the rap star where it counts most, in the wallet. "He pushed a woman out of a moving Hummer," she said. "Sometimes jail is not enough for some people and some people who have celebrity and the one thing that scares them more than anything else is to go after them civilly."

Davis was arrested after a January 28th incident that involved the woman who is suing him. He picked her up at South DeKalb Mall after asking her to go to breakfast. Eventually the woman realized they were headed somewhere else and according to an incident report: "Gucci Mane stated he wanted to go to a hotel and that he would give her $150."

The woman refused and while the car was moving along Brannen Road in DeKalb County Gucci Mane opened the passenger door and pushed the woman out of the vehicle, according to the report.

On September 13, 2011 Davis plead guilty to two counts of Battery, two counts of Reckless Conduct and Disorderly Conduct.

Davis was originally sentenced to two years in jail to serve six months. That sentence was reduced to three months because he is a trustee of the jail. He has sex weeks left on his sentence.

Bernstein said she has not set a dollar amount in the civil suit seeking compensatory and punitive damages.



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