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Property management threatens to evict condo owners over water bills | News

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Property management threatens to evict condo owners over water bills

DEKALB COUNTY — Residents at a DeKalb County condo are facing possible eviction after the complex’s management company says it can’t afford overdue water bills.

Letters demanding residents to pay up appeared in the hallways of the Fontaine West Condo complex. The notice told people who live in the there their water bill was $130,000 overdue, and if they didn’t pay up, they’d be kicked out. 

But condo owners there are wondering why that’s the case, when they pay $220 every month to their property management company, who’s then supposed to pay the bills.

“It's not just frustrating. It's heartbreaking,” said Lynice Jackson. “There are so many people who live in this community.”

The notice told residents DeKalb County would condemn the entire complex if

I don't know what I'm going to do,” Jackson said. “This is my life.”

Condo owners turned to 11Alive News’s Kaitlyn Ross to hold the powerful accountable, so she called the property management company multiple times trying to figure out where all the money went. The company never called back.

 Jackson says she pays her dues every month, so how did they rack up so much debt?

“That didn't happen overnight. That's not just one day,” Jackson said. “It wasn’t one month or six months even.”

Claude Bowen lives upstairs from Jackson and says he's terrified the entire property will be condemned. 

“At first I was furious, and then I began to panic,” Bowen said. “What am I going to do in two weeks?”

Bowen says everyone who lives there would have to cough up $700 pretty much overnight to pay the debt, but it's money he says the condo owners have already paid. 

“It's a total nightmare and it's uncalled for” he said. “It could have been avoided.”

The piece of paper taped in the hallway says they'll have a community meeting with everyone who owns a condo in the complex Thursday night to talk about the debt. But with eviction looming over their heads, people who live there say they want answers.