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DeKalb County grand jury hears testimony on December shooting | News

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DeKalb County grand jury hears testimony on December shooting

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga - A civil grand jury heard Tuesday from the police officer accused of killing a DeKalb County man last December.

According to an attorney for the family allowed to hear the testimony, Officer Joseph Pitts said he was "scared" when he shot Kevin Davis.

Davis was killed after he called 911 for help when he found that his girlfriend had been attacked.His girlfriend said he was holding a gun when police arrived, thinking the attacker had returned.


Pitts said he shot Davis' dog, and then, according to Davis family attorney, Muwali Davis, the testimony showed 16 seconds later, Pitts shot Davis.

The DeKalb County District Attorney's office said the civil grand jury is a more open process.

The family of Kevin Davis was able to attend on the hearing.

Afterwards, Davis' family said they felt the process was too one-sided.

"We didn't get to say anything," said Delisa Davis, Kevin Davis' sister. "He (Pitts) got to say his part. We didn't get anything. There are a lot of questions that I have that are unanswered, but it is what it is."

Attorney Davis said the officer told the panel he was scared because Davis came to the door with a gun.

A decision by the civil grand jury is expected in a few days. The recommendation is not binding.

The district attorney will still have to make a decision on whether to prosecute the case.


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