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Woman asks robbers to return priceless locket | News

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Woman asks robbers to return priceless locket

DECATUR, Ga. -- A Decatur woman is asking robbers for compassion after a priceless item was stolen from her apartment.

On Thursday, thieves broke into Sarah Wills’ apartment on North Druid Hills taking jewelry and electronics.

Among the items, was a locket Wills received from her mother when she was a young girl. She also received a bracelet that said, "My miracle baby.  Love mom."

Wills said her mother had given her the jewelry shortly before she passed away from breast cancer.   Her mom called Wills a miracle baby because she was born three months premature.

"I know my mom is there in spirit anyway, but it just kind of helps, you know," said Wills.

She’s placed flyers around her apartment complex asking the robbers to return the jewelry and posted a note on her front door in case they live in the area and happen to walk by again. Wills also reached out to pawn shops in case they see anything that matches.

Police say the robber came in the front door, prying open the lock, but went out her bedroom window.  The bushes are bent and broken where the person made the escape.

Her Mac book, TV and wallet have far more value, but all Wills is concerned about is the jewelry.  She says she's not looking to press charges, or even ask questions.  

"It's never too late.  If you still have the jewelry or you even know where it is, or who you sold it too, I would love to have that information," said Wills.




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