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DeKalb Police looking for late-night masked gunman who robbed people at a Waffle King | News

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DeKalb Police looking for late-night masked gunman who robbed people at a Waffle King

DECATUR, GA (WXIA) – A gunman was captured on surveillance video storming a DeKalb County restaurant, the Waffle King at Flat Shoals and Panthersville Rds., near I-285, and robbing nine customers, employees -- and the restaurant's cash register.


The president of the company, Charlie Crowder of Royal Waffle King in Marietta, is offering a reward of $1,000 in the case, certain someone will recognize the gunman.

Crowder says that Waffle King has been at that location for more than 20 years. He calls it a family restaurant, and says GBI agents eat there -- the GBI Headquarters complex is just down the street. Crowder says the restaurant has rarely had any problems until several armed robberies that have hit his business and others in the area in the past few months – including the armed robbery early Tuesday morning.

The video shows one minute and 58 seconds of terror from the masked gunman, just after 3 a.m.

As soon as the gunman enters the Waffle King, he points his gun and starts rounding up everyone – all nine people in the restaurant. He orders them to the back, telling them to give him everything they have of value.

Then he orders two employees to empty the cash register.

He is impatient, he waves his gun back and forth between the employees who are emptying the cash register, and the customers in the back. He shouts at the customers as he aims his gun, ordering them repeatedly to 'lay the [expletive] down!" he shouts at the employees to "hurry it up!"

"Very brazen," said Detective Doronte Evans of the DeKalb County Police Department. "He was very aggressive."

Evans believes this is an experienced and potentially violent criminal.

"Did one thing that was unusual for most robberies -- is gather up everyone in the store and take 'em in the back," Evans said.

The gunman left with cash, jewelry, cell phones -- and coincidentally, as he was running away, you can see a DeKalb County police officer pulling into the parking lot, not yet aware of what the gunman had just done.

"He definitely needs to be off the street," Evans said. "I'm just sure the way that he sounded on the video that he would definitely do it again."

Again, company president Charlie Crowder is offering a $1,000 reward. He's sure someone must know who the crook is.

Crowder says he will be consulting with DeKalb County Police about more security at the restaurant, including, perhaps, hiring his own security guards.

Anyone with information about the case should call 911, since, police say, the criminal is, obviously, armed and dangerous.


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