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Burrell Ellis retrial gets underway | News

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Burrell Ellis retrial gets underway

DECATUR, GA (WXIA) -- DeKalb County's embattled CEO, Burrell Ellis, is hoping the second time is the charm at his second trial. He is accused of extorting campaign contributions from companies that did business with the county.


Day one of this trial, and what everyone is commenting on is how quickly things are moving this time around.

His first corruption trial ended in a mistrial. The first jury considering his case deadlocked after 11 days of deliberation. They could not agree on anything. This time around, instead of an all-female panel, there is an equal mix of men and women – five white, six black.

Prosecutors have streamlined their case, already bringing up their so-called lynch-pin in the case – Ellis' former right-hand man Kelvin Walton, who says he watched and helped the CEO demand money from vendors for his campaign.

If they refused, he says Ellis threatened to pull their contracts with the county.

We will hear form those vendors directly as the trial goes on.

If he is convicted, Ellis faces jail time, and will lose his CEO job. Keep in mind, he has been on paid-leave for nearly two years.


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