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DeKalb's McNair Middle school leads state in fighting | News

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DeKalb's McNair Middle school leads state in fighting

DECATUR, GA -- Thirteen-year-old Aaliyah Hampton was exiting McNair Middle School early Thursday afternoon, sent home with her mom for fighting with another student. The eighth grader faces a five-day suspension.

"(The other student) kept saying stuff about how she was gonna fight me and she was gonna bang my head on a desk," the teen said, in an interview approved by her mother. "She just started drama with me and we both got into trouble."

In 2014, such drama was commonplace at the DeKalb County school. According to state data, McNair Middle School averaged 2.35 fights per day last school year --- with a total of 423 incidents of fighting, leading the state. But the same data shows McNair had 509 fights the previous year – representing a drop of 17 percent.

"I have to celebrate that there is a decrease," said regional superintendent Ralph Simpson, who says a new principal at McNair Middle school deserves credit for lowering the numbers.

The PTA president, Malichael Lanier, agrees. She's the mother of a 9th grader.

"And she went here sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Now in sixth grade here, I would believe what you said there was two fights a day," Lanier said. "Over the last two years since the principal has came in, there has been a dramatic change. Like I say, I rarely see fights."

But Aaliyah Hampton says fights are still too common.

"There's a lot of fights happening especially because it's fixing to be the end of the (school) year," she said.


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