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Andrea Sneiderman asks court to toss conviction | News

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Andrea Sneiderman asks court to toss conviction

DECATUR, GA (WXIA) -- In an effort to clear her name completely, Andrea Sneiderman is asking the same judge who oversaw her conviction to throw it out and let her try her case again with a second jury.


Appearing thinner and with longer hair, Sneiderman sat staring straight ahead as her attorney listed five reasons he believes she should get a new trial.

Sitting behind Sneiderman, her mother and Sneiderman's boyfriend Joseph Dell. Both were present nearly every day during her perjury trial in 2013.

Sneiderman was convicted and sentenced to five years behind bars. She served just 22 months.

In 2010, Sneiderman's boss at GE, Hemy Neuman, shot and killed her husband Rusty Sneiderman outside a Dunwoody day care center. Based on her testimony at Neuman's trial, prosecutors then charged her for lying about an affair with Neuman and false statements she gave to police.

Sneiderman has always insisted there was no relationship with her former boss.

While her attorneys now ask for a new trial, the DeKalb County prosecutor's office told the court everything was done by the book.

"A person commits the offense of perjury in one way and one way only. They knowingly and willfully testify falsely," said the prosecutor. "There is no case for a reversal of the perjury convictions."

Andrea Sneiderman is not the only one who wants a new trial. The man convicted of killing her husband, Hemy Neuman, just had his attorneys make the same case before the Georgia Supreme Court.

There has been no ruling in that case yet.


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