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Making voices heard from Decatur to Ferguson and beyond | News

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Making voices heard from Decatur to Ferguson and beyond

DECATUR, GA -- It was a moment of silence that was anything but. Speaker after speaker voicing their outrage over the death of another unarmed black man by the police.


Michael Brown was killed some 570 miles away from Decatur. But the fact that a simple Facebook post could draw hundreds to this event speaks to just how much his death is resonating across America.

"We deserved to be protected by the police," said protester Latasha Kinnard. "Black men do not deserve to be gunned down and left in the street like animals. Every time it happens you want to hope that it is the last time – but then, it's not."

Among those in the crowd, Oronde Yero and his family.

Yero knows that one day he will have to have "the conversation" with his sons about the police and young black men – unless the public can force big changes through events like this.

"Black life matters," Yero said. "We want to make sure that our presence is here to show that it matters. We have sons, and we are concerned about their safety as they grow up – and whether this is a safe environment and a safe country for them to live in."



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