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Thieves steal elderly woman's purse at cemetery | News

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Thieves steal elderly woman's purse at cemetery


DECATUR, Ga. -- Talk about your low down thieves. While Sarah Heights, 76, was visiting the grave of her mother she noticed a gray car that circled several times around Dawn Memorial Cemetery.

She assumed they were looking for a grave site. When the car pulled up next to her parked car, she kept an eye on it but never saw anyone get out.

It wasn't until she got home and couldn't find her purse or phone that she put two and two together.

"I was just so shaken up. They took everything," said Heights.

Police took a report and found that within an hour of stealing Height's wallet the thieves had racked up $200 in charges. Heights has now cancelled all of her cards and checks and must get a new drivers license and social security card.

Height's daughter didn't take the news well.

"What if she had that purse with her? Would the thieves have ripped it off her? What if they hurt her?", asked Jackie Johnson, Heghts' daughter.

Police call it a crime of opportunity and say unfortunately it happens often. Thieves know where to strike when people will least expect it--when they're running into the daycare, post office or visiting a loved one's gravestone.

As for Heights, her days of visiting the cemetery alone are over.

"I don't feel safe coming out here by myself any longer," said Heights.


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