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Andrea Sneiderman pleads not guilty | News

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Andrea Sneiderman pleads not guilty
Andrea Sneiderman pleads not guilty

DECATUR, Ga. -- Andrea Sneiderman has pleaded not guilty to charges related to her husband's death.

Sneiderman's attorneys entered the plea during an arraignment Monday morning.

The defense now has two months to file motions in the case.

During the arraignment, Judge Gregory Adams asked the defense if it wanted a speedy trial. Sneiderman's attorneys were adamant in saying they did not.

Prosecutors said they expect Sneiderman's entire trial, from jury selection to verdict, to take roughly the same amount of time as Hemy Neuman's trial earlier this year -- five weeks.

Sneiderman is accused of conspiring with Neuman, her former boss, to kill her husband, Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman, outside their son's Dunwoody daycare nearly two years ago.

During Monday's arraignment, the defense also referred to "wherever we try this case," which implies they may file for a change of venue. Sneiderman is currently scheduled to be tried in the same courtroom where Neuman was tried and sentenced.

Neuman was found guilty but mentally ill and sentenced to life in prison this past March.

Days of testimony at that trial focused on whether Andrea Sneiderman was involved in an affair with Neuman and whether she knew details of her husband's death suspiciously early.

Andrea Sneiderman has repeatedly denied both accusations.


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