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Decatur cat finally climbs down tree after more than a week | News

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Decatur cat finally climbs down tree after more than a week

UPDATE WED. MAY 2, 2012 -- The cat finally climbed down from the tree.  "After a week and a half, and after all that everybody tried to do for it, it just decided to come down by itself," said Jessica Smith, the mother of the kids who were trying to find someone to help rescue the cat.  Ms. Smith says she was outside at about 5:00 a.m. and saw the cat climb down the pine trunk and run away.  The Smiths think they have identified the cat's owner, and hope to find out that the cat ran home.


DECATUR, Ga. -- Is anyone out there willing to rescue a cat from the top of a very tall tree? 

Well, if you are, some children in Decatur need your help. 

The Smith children -- Aden, 6; Jamie, 6; and Elana, 8 -- and their friends have been trying to rescue a big, orange cat that is sitting, about 100 feet up, in a pine tree. 

"It doesn't have food or water," they said Tuesday night, almost in unison.  "He's been climbing the tree and he's been climbing higher.  We're worried that he might die."

The cat has been up in the tree for more than a week. 

The children have taped home-made found cat posters all over the neighborhood with pictures they've drawn showing the cat's predicament. 

They've been searching for the cat's owner.

A neighbor, Roger Deane, even climbed up as far as he could go and left water for the cat in a bowl fastened to a branch.

The cat is sitting so high up in the tree, the branches are too thin to support the weight of human rescuers.

Professional tree services want to charge up to $400 to rescue the cat.

Anyone who may be able to assist the Smith children is being asked to e-mail their parents via jessie80smith@gmail.com.  

"I think he's scared," Elana said. "We hope that he will get down."


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