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SMYRNA: Eye-popping surgery saves vision | Health

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SMYRNA: Eye-popping surgery saves vision
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SMYRNA: Eye-popping surgery saves vision

SMYRNA, Ga. -- Summertime and, if you are an Atlanta opthamologist, the livin' is not easy.

Eye injuries this time of the year are as prevalent as pop up thunderstorms.

Now that's the bad news, but there is good news if you get injured.

The advancements in surgery are dazzling.

Dr. Steve Hamilton of Eye Consultants of Atlanta was preparing to perform a remarkable surgery.

He was going to reconstruct the destroyed eye of a Decatur mother struck by a flying rock from a lawnmower.

Dr. Hamilton said, "I'm going to replace her cornea, and I am going to give her a lens again with an implant. But this implant is unique. It also restores her iris tissue, which was lost from the injury."

Corneal transplants and iris implants restore vision and the cosmetic look for the patient.

All this was unimaginable in the past.

In the last few years there have been more strides in eye surgery than heart and orthopedics Dr. Hamilton said.

"Twenty-five years ago, cataract surgery you were in bed for a week with sandbags around your head," Hamilton said. "Now overnight you're 20/20, sometimes faster."

Dr. Hamilton has also performed this amazing procedure on a young Dothan, Ala. woman injured on the job.

"I'm working on a machine," Dawkins said now. "I have a pair of needle nosed pliers, and they slip off a wire and pop me in the eye."

Yes, needle nosed pliers to her right eye.

Amber had the same surgery as the Decatur mother.

Years later, you really can't detect her eye was crushed in the accident and rebuilt.

"They inserted a color lens in my eye, hopefully to restore vision and it make it look normal it was disfigured," the Alabama native said.

Dr. Hamilton sees it all in his practice during the summer.

Here is a list of the top summer eye injury causes.

  • Lawnmowers
  • Power tools
  • Bungee cords
  • Fish hooks
  • Paintball
  • Fireworks

After these accidents, the surgery recreates the eye.

"It's also life changing in a sense," Hamilton said. "They can actually function out in the sunlight again because the lights were so bright and debilitating, they were always wearing sunglasses and now they can get back to what they like to do."

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