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Original Star Wars parody to premiere in Atlanta

Original Star Wars parody to premiere in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- The Spirit of Broadway presents an original show for 2013, The Skywalkers, benefiting the Compassion Programs of the Metropolitan Community Center in Atlanta.

This hysterical atypical Star Wars parody, written by Woodstock resident Trevor Petty, is "honest and respectful to each and every action in the six film saga." However, Petty saw an opportunity to create story lines, motives and intentions not originally in any of the movies. The Skywalkers will be performed on Saturday, August 24 at 8 p.m. at the First MCC Theatre.

DeKalb Family Fun Day rescheduled

DeKalb Family Fun Day rescheduled

LITHONIA, Ga. -- The sixth annual DeKalb Family Fun Day has been rescheduled.

DeKalb Family Fun Day will be Sunday, Aug. 25 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Bransby Outdoor YMCA at Rock Chapel in Lithonia. It was originally scheduled for this Sunday, Aug. 11, but was cancelled due to predicted bad weather.

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The festival will feature food, entertainment, games and vendors. Residents are encouraged to bring donations of school supplies for needy children in the community.

Past DeKalb Family Fun Days have resulted in attendance of 3,000 people -- which means the festival needs plenty of volunteers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Path2College sweepstakes end Aug. 15

Path2College sweepstakes end Aug. 15

ATLANTA -- Georgia's Path2College 529 Plan is making it easier for families to pay for college by holding two scholarship giveaways.

The deadline to enter both contests is Thursday, Aug. 15.

Mitch Seabaugh, director of the Path2College 529 Plan, said the two sweepstakes are designed to encourage families to start saving for college while their children are still very young.

"If 10,000 more Georgia families start saving for college, that's 10,000 more children who will have a head start toward achieving their dream when they graduate from high school," he said in a statement.

Seabaugh added that the sweepstakes also benefit young students because they provide money for schools and libraries.

The first contest -- the 10,000 Reasons to Save Sweepstakes -- will gives $10,529 to two lucky winners: a current Path2College account holder and a non-account holder. The two winners' schools will each receive $10,529.

6 back-to-school tips

6 back-to-school tips

ATLANTA -- As the first group of local students returns to class Thursday, Huntington Learning Center is giving parents six back-to-school tips.

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First, the center suggests getting kids to set goals. They should reflect on last school year and talk about what they would like to accomplish this year. It's a good time to talk about what they're excited about and also what worries them.

Second, Huntington says the desk and home should be organized. For example, create designated study areas and have all the resources students need, including a family calendar. When kids come home, a spot for backpacks, shoes and jackets is also ideal. 

Improving your golf game could change a child's life

Improving your golf game could change a child's life

ATLANTA -- You can help a child recover from abuse and neglect, just by playing a round of golf.

Camp Horizon, a non-profit organization, is holding a golf tournament to benefit children who are in foster care, recovering from abuse.

The Hope on the Horizon golf tournament takes place at the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw Monday, Apr. 22 at 10 a.m. There is an entry fee of $125 per player, or $500 per foursome. Participants need to register by Apr. 8.

Organizers say the round of golf will make a big difference. Camp Horizon leaders say 40,000 children in Georgia are victims of abuse; every 13 minutes, a child is victimized. And children who are harmed are six times more likely to continue the cycle of abuse.

The Autism Gap: The fight for insurance

The Autism Gap: The fight for insurance

ATLANTA -- Eight year old Ava Bullard is playing with her sisters, riding their bikes on their long country driveway. It is a simple act that defies those who said she would never talk, those who said she wouldn't function in the real world.

Ava was not a typical baby, or toddler.

Her mother Anna says, "You couldn't interact with her."

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Ava did not play with toys. Did not speak. Could not dress herself. Did not interact with her parents or sisters. Slept two hours a night. She was in her own world.

Anna says, "It's like she looked straight through me. She would just...it's like you weren't there, if you were in the room with her."

Anna Bullard took Ava from doctor to doctor for months. One doctor told the family Ava was 'just weird.'

YMCA removes economic barriers between those in need, programs

YMCA removes economic barriers between those in need, programs

ATLANTA -- The YMCA of Metro Atlanta kicked off a campaign on Tuesday that will connect families in need with scholarships, allowing them to participate in YMCA programs. 

The campaign, Why It Matters takes place once a year. For 2013, board members Charlie Yates, Jr. and Carol Cookerly will co-chair the campaign as it works towards raising $2.7 million. 

"The Y has always had an annual campaign that helped meet the need for financial assistance," Cookerly said. "But, this marks the first year we are pulling together our 23 local Ys and launching a system-wide brand and effort to secure the funds we need to continue to play a pivotal role in Atlanta by helping individuals, especially children, reach their greatest potential."