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DRUID HILLS | Credit card scam hits small business | Business

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DRUID HILLS | Credit card scam hits small business
DRUID HILLS | Credit card scam hits small business

DRUID HILLS, Ga. (WXIA) -- A new credit card scam is sweeping through small businesses in DeKalb County.

The scammers have been working their way through small businesses in parts of DeKalb County, trying to steal sensitive information from merchant credit card readers.

The scammers go into a store, claiming to represent a bank or credit card company. They tell store owners or managers that they want to change the credit card decals in the store windows.

One shop owner, Mike Morrison of Wings Camera, says he did not suspect a thing.

"On a regular basis as a retailer you will have people come by your store who want to change card stickers in the window. The next morning when I came to work I realized that the sticker had a union pay at the top of it which I had never seen before," Morrison said.

Morrison said it made him suspicious.

A week later the same person returned to his store, wanting to swipe a card through the cash register. The person said it was to check the system.

Morrison refused.

But Max Miller, owner of the Everbest Market across the street from Morrison's store allowed the card swipe, which may have captured merchant data from the reader.

He says he did miss one important step -- asking for identification.

Merchants are cautioned to always ask for and verify the identification of anyone claiming to work for a credit card company. They're also cautioned to never allow anyone to swipe cards through their credit card readers before contacting the bank they claim to represent, or your own bank.

DeKalb Police say so far, no police reports have been filed in connection with this latest scam.

Banks and credit card companies told the business owners they would step in right away in the event the scam had caused any loss of data or any compromise of confidential information.


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