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Kid Rock: I'm A Big Number In A Lawsuit Lottery | News

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Kid Rock: I'm A Big Number In A Lawsuit Lottery

DECATUR, GA -- A DeKalb County jury is ready to decide if hick-hopper Kid Rock will be lighter in the wallet. A Decatur man says Kid Rock and his entourage beat him un-necessarily. The artist says he and his friends were trying to control things before they got out of hand.

It all played out on a video tape from inside a Waffle House Restaurant three years ago. It has now come down to an 11-member jury to decide if Kid Rock should pay for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Harlen Akins claims Kid Rock and his entourage beat him for no reason. On the witness stand Thursday Kid Rock said things did get out of hand, but he said "If we wanted to hurt this man, we could have hurt him very, very bad."

Akins said it was unprovoked and he was scared to death. "You got five six guys you know, I'm scared for my life and I'm trying to get out of that situation, out of the waffle house.

Akins wants $6,000 to pay medical costs and will leave it up to the jury to decide if he should be compensated for pain and suffering.

Kid Rock's attorney William Horton said there is no clear and convincing evidence that his client showed conscious indifference to consequences. "The plaintiff isn't entitled to anything," he said.

Horton and Akins' attorney Eric Hertz made their closing arguments to the jury Thursday. "He feels that he can go anywhere in the world and do anything he wants because he has six people with him and nothing will happen to him," Hertz said.>

Kid Rock told the jury Akins was trying to take advantage of him. "I feel like I'm a big number in a lawsuit lottery," he said. "I think it's a joke."

After closing arguments from attorneys, Judge Johnny Panos charged the jury. He originally wanted them to start deliberations Thursday night but the jury told him they wanted to go home. They'll begin deliberating Friday morning.



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