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Inner City Mentor for Boys Faces Death Threats | News

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Inner City Mentor for Boys Faces Death Threats

DECATUR, GA -- A Decatur man who helps young inner city boys stay out of trouble isn't going to stop helping them because of threats against his life. One of those threats was apparently carried out when an arsonist set his organization's building on fire.

Mack Major is the founder of No Target For Police To Shoot (NTFPTS) on Candler Road in Decatur. It's an organization that provides diversionary programs for young boys. Major named the non-profit organization after a number of police involved shootings in DeKalb County.

Sterling Lee, 16, has been in the program for several months. "I never had a lot of father figures in my life, not a positive male role model," he said. "That's what this is pretty much all about."

His mother Seantelle White said she was looking for help in finding her son the right group of friends. "You don't see a lot of people trying to help young black men stay out of jail," she said. "You see people trying to direct them towards jail."

It appears that someone is doing just that. He apparently doesn't like Mack Major in the neighborhood. Last Saturday he broke into the offices and set it on fire. 

"I can't operate out of here, I can't do anything out of here anymore," Major said.

In April, Major filed a police report after he received several threatening phone messages. According to a DeKalb County Police incident report, Major told police "the message each time said that 'I have a problem with you and if I see you on the street, I will assault you and I know where you live and will come there also'."

On Tuesday before the fire, a man walked into the offices and asked for Mack Major. Major wasn't there and the man left him a message. According to another incident report the man said that Major was not wanted in the neighborhood and that he needed to leave the neighborhood boys alone.

"I don't know who he is, but his agenda is to drive me out of the neighborhood because he doesn't like what I'm doing with the young men," Major said.

Major thinks he might be a target because he is stepping on a drug dealer's turf. 

No one would blame him for succumbing to death threats. However, whoever it is is only encouraging Major to continue to mentor young men. 

"I would be stupid not to be concerned," Major said. "I am concerned, but that is nothing to motivate me to quit."

"I'm going to do what I'm going to do and he'll do what he has to do and I believe that God will watch over my back," Major added. "When I leave this planet, I want to leave behind some young men that I've made some impression upon their lives for the better." 

No one would argue that he already has.


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