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DeKalb County Flu Shot Vaccine Available | Health

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DeKalb County Flu Shot Vaccine Available

The DeKalb County Board of Health’s 2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccination program is underway.  The early vaccination effort is part of the national goal to reach people now about the importance of protecting oneself against the flu.

This year’s vaccination combines H1N1 with two other circulating viruses.  People who received the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine or had H1N1 flu should still get the new 2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine.

Dr. Ford adds that there are specific groups at high risk of being hospitalized or dying from flu complications.  The high-risk groups are listed at http://www.dekalbhealth.net/2010/09/dekalb-county-board-of-health-offers-seasonal-flu-vaccine/.

In addition to the standard flu vaccine, two other vaccines are available.  One is Fluzone High-Dose, which creates a stronger immune response in people 65 years and older than the standard vaccine.  The other is the FluMist nasal spray vaccine for healthy children.

            The DeKalb County Board of Health’s fees for flu vaccines are:

  • Standard flu vaccination: $25 (covered by Medicaid, Medicare and PeachCare for Kids)
  • Standard flu vaccination for Vaccines for Children-eligible children:  $14.81
  • FluMist for Vaccines for Children-eligible children: $14.81
  • Fluzone High Dose: $40 (covered by Medicare)




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