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Charity's Trailer Stolen From Church Parking Lot | News

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Charity's Trailer Stolen From Church Parking Lot

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- These are tough times for a lot of people. At some food banks, demand is up more than fifty percent. Every dollar, every donation is needed desperately.

A DeKalb County non-profit agency suffered a big setback overnight and it wasn't because of a lack of donations. A trailer they use for delivering food was stolen.

Every other Friday people in need gather at Briarcliff United Methodist Church where they are supplied with two weeks' worth of groceries. It's a program run by a non-profit organization called Contribute 2 America. Contribute 2 America was started by Jeremy Turner two years ago. That's when he left the DeKalb County Police Department. "Being a police officer for that many years I was able to determine that there was some need that the county needed help with," Turner said. "I started it and we've grown over the past two years."

Turner spent many days as a police officer reaching out to the homeless and he's continuing that effort today with Contribute 2 America. But that effort got a bit more trying when he went to the church Friday morning. "This morning when we came to pick up the trailer that we distribute food in and it was gone," he said.

It was stolen. The trailer is clearly marked on both sides with the logo for Contribute 2 America. Whoever stole it had to know it was needed.

Turner uses the trailer to transport food from the Atlanta Community Food Bank to Briarcliff United Methodist Church. He does it every two weeks feeding more than a thousand needy people a month. "It being a non-profit and the area that we're in with our finances, we use every dollar that we get toward our non-profit and now we're set back several thousand dollars," Turner said.

In his heart Turner hopes whoever stole the trailer would do the right thing. "If they would just come back and park it where it was and no damage to it, we'd be pretty happy with it," he said.

But then why would they have stolen it in the first place? They might want to think about this: The trailer won't be hard to spot.



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