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Animated Race: Cartoon Replaces Debate in 4th Congressional District

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- Democrat Hank Johnson has had no close calls, election-wise, since he was first elected to Congress four years ago. His Republican opponent Liz Carter is an underdog who would like to find a way to end Johnson's streak.

Carter complains that Johnson won't face her in a forum or debate. "Anybody running for office should be open and honest and candid with the voters," Carter said.

Johnson says Carter hasn't earned a debate. "My opponent has been engaged in a campaign of personal destruction," Johnson said.

Among other things, Johnson is referring to a series of crude animated videos Carter has made. Several depict her and Johnson in a fictional debate.

"Hank, you voted for the $800 billion stimulus using borrowed money," a Lego-style character dressed in a leopard dress says in a robotic voice. 

Plastivan Program Traveling Classroom goes to Decatur High School

The National Plastics Center’s Plastivan Program will visit tenth graders at Decatur High School (310 McDonough Street, Decatur) bringing fun, hands-on experiments designed to teach students about the chemistry, history and sustainability of plastics. 

Today and Friday from 8:30-3:30 p.m., Georgia State Representative Karla Drenne, Plastivan Program director Marjorie Weiner and Executive Director of the Georgia Chemical Council Rudy Underwood will participate, along with students, in different hands-on experiments.

Job Fairs Aimed at Vets and Grads

ATLANTA, Ga.-- Right now, more than one in ten Metro Atlanta workers are unemployed. There is news of some opportunity.

There is a veterans job fair Thursday, October 14th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Clairmont Presbyterian Church in Decatur located at 1994 Clairmont Road at the corner of North Druid Hills. Vets should bring multiple copies of their resume and be prepared to fill out applications on-site and engage in on-the-spot interviews.

Dozens of employers will be on hand, looking for specialized skills veterans have gained in service. At previous job fairs, employers have reported they like to hire veterans because they're hard workers, educated, and easily trainable. It's a new style of job fair that is more specific and more successful for both sides. Organizers identify the job seeker then tailor the job fair to match employer to employee. A similar veterans job fair was held last week.

Georgia Family Draws Close Around Man With Reported Taliban Connections

DECATUR, Ga. -- "No I can't talk to you right now," Mikell Hagood told the Center for Investigative Action.

"Just a few words?" I asked.

"I can't talk to you right now," he said.

"What about your son?"

"He can't talk to you right now," Haygood said and walked away to his silver Mercedes SUV.

This story is an unusual one. An Atlanta man reported by the New York Times as having infiltrated the Taliban this past summer, runs to US troops along a road in Kandahar, in Afghanistan, seeking help.

25 year old Katuma Owuo-Hagood is back home safely now but a lot of questions remain as to what he was doing there.

The FBI won't say much except to say he's been questioned, which is why we wanted to talk to him, because under U.S. law collaborating with the Taliban is a felony. Mr. Owuo-Hagood hasn't been charged with any crimes but why would he take the risk.

City Commission Report: Tax Refund on Its Way

DECATUR, GA (Decatur News Online) -- Monday night the Decatur City Commission voted to provide a $70 refund to city property owners thanks to a surplus of funds in the City coffers. However, the surplus was not large enough to convince the commissioners to extend a one-time pay increase to City staff.

To continue reading visit Decatur News Online.

Deputy's Murder Statements Can Be Used Against Him

DECATUR, GA -- Remember that former DeKalb County Sheriff deputy who fled to Central America for six months last year after being charged with murdering his wife and a day laborer in his home?

Well, 50-year-old Derrick Yancey was back in a DeKalb County courtroom Tuesday as his double murder trial is about to finally get underway.

During a motions hearing, his defense attorneys tried to get the judge to throw out Yancey's first statements about the killings.

Some investigators were suspicious of his story from the moment the bodies of his 44-year-old wife, Linda, and the 20-year-old day laborer, Marcial Cax Puluc of Guatemala, were found in the basement of Yancey's Stone Mountain home on June 9, 2008.

Yancey told DeKalb County Police investigators the day laborer he'd hired shot and killed his wife and that he then shot and killed the day laborer.

New Decatur Beer Company Delivers on Taste and Sells Out in Bars all across Atlanta

Atlanta, GA--  Wild Heaven Craft Beers is the latest new brewery/beer company in the Atlanta area and has already begun to Sell Out at most bars. Of course,this is one of those good problems to have... Customer demand has been through the roof and bars have been happy to carry the new Decatur brand.

Wild Heaven is a Georgia company created by lifelong Georgians – founder Nick Purdy and consulting brewmaster Eric Johnson.