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DECATUR | Lawsuit details FAMU drum major's final moments

ATLANTA -- It's been nearly three months since Florida A&M's Marching 100 Band last took to the field, giving a much-anticipated halftime performance at the Florida Classic.

DORAVILLE | High-rise owners at odds over paying light bill to restore power

DORAVILLE, Ga. (WXIA) -- The problems are just beginning for the residents at the high-rise Presidential Condo Hotel in DeKalb County.

Tuesday, Georgia Power cut off electricity to the complex after they say the bill had not been paid. Wednesday, the DeKalb County Fire Marshal deemed the structure unsafe to live in, ordering residents on all 14 floors to move out, without a working elevator.

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Many angry residents said they have no place to go, and that they are the ones stuck in the middle of the dispute.

"Now we're stuck trying to get our stuff out, along with trying to get everything packed. The two owners are fighting and we're caught in the middle," said one resident.

Lottery sales soar to highest ever

Lottery sales soar to highest ever

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Lottery just experienced its best sales week ever.

Georgia Lottery sales for the week ending February 11 soared to over $101.2 million, more than $5 million ahead of the previous record set in 2007.

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Increased Georgia Lottery sales mean more dollars for the HOPE Scholarship and pre-K programs.

Sales were strong across the board, with Powerball and KENO! having their highest sales week in Georgia Lottery history. Cash 3, Cash 4 and instant games enjoyed their highest sales week of the fiscal year.

Copeland’s for Mardi Gras! As Close to New Orleans as You're Going to Get!

Copeland’s for Mardi Gras! As Close to New Orleans as You're Going to Get!

Mardi Gras is just around the corner and Copeland’s of New Orleans Restaurants have mastered the holiday. On Fat Tuesday, February 21, Copeland’s locations in Kennesaw (1142 Barrett Parkway West) and Cumberland (3131 Cobb Parkway S.E.) will host the most authentic Mardi Gras celebration in Atlanta.

Once a French tradition, Mardi Gras was brought to New Orleans in 1699 and is now celebrated across the United States with masked balls, parties and parades. This year, Copeland’s has kept the tradition alive offering live jazz, costumed patrons, beads and a new menu for the event. Entrees will include boiled shrimp and crawfish platters as well as Copeland’s traditional Cajun and creole dishes and drink specials, including New Orleans’ famous Hurricanes.

CONYERS | Erin's heart: The best Valentine's gift ever

DECATUR, Ga. -- It was a Valentine's Day like no other for Erin McLeod.

Even though the 13-year-old Conyers resident spent the day in the hospital, the gift she received changed her life.

She received a heart. Not a chocolate heart, but a real heart.

Erin had heart transplant surgery Monday at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and even though she is tired, she has a new lease on life. "I'm just happy it's over," she said.

And so are her parents, Danny and Amy McLeod, who had been waiting for more than a month to find out if a heart was available for their daughter. The good news came Monday morning.

"We got the call that they had the heart and they were going to do surgery, so we were excited," said Danny McLeod.

"I'm calling it happy heart day from now on," said Amy McLeod. "We kind of joked about it while waiting and then it was just perfect."

DRUID HILLS | Credit card scam hits small business

DRUID HILLS | Credit card scam hits small business

DRUID HILLS, Ga. (WXIA) -- A new credit card scam is sweeping through small businesses in DeKalb County.

The scammers have been working their way through small businesses in parts of DeKalb County, trying to steal sensitive information from merchant credit card readers.

The scammers go into a store, claiming to represent a bank or credit card company. They tell store owners or managers that they want to change the credit card decals in the store windows.

One shop owner, Mike Morrison of Wings Camera, says he did not suspect a thing.

"On a regular basis as a retailer you will have people come by your store who want to change card stickers in the window. The next morning when I came to work I realized that the sticker had a union pay at the top of it which I had never seen before," Morrison said.

In Atlanta, Houston lived in Brown's erratic wake

ATLANTA -- The tumult of Whitney Houston's personal life in Atlanta occasionally became very public.  There were legal briefs, courtroom appearances-- typically, in the wake of trouble that followed her husband Bobby Brown.

When Brown went to court in Georgia, Whitney Houston would sometimes trudge into court too -- the supportive wife in an erratic marriage of pop singers. Her personal demons aside, Whitney Houston's criminal record stayed pretty clean -- at least compared to Brown, who defended himself on traffic and drug and DUI and probation violation charges in Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

Houston took a side door into the courthouse in Decatur at an August 2003 appearance, saying "God bless you" to fans greeting her.  Earlier that morning, sheriff's deputies escorted Brown into the building.  Brown wore a jail uniform and restraint chains.